C型プレス TUPC シリーズ

C型プレス TUPC シリーズ

C-type press TUPC series.

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Product introduction(ENGLISH)

1.The frame and table components have strength and rigidity capable of withstanding the maximum load fully.
2. The ram supporting part has been adopted with our own2-point supporting system and balance precision between the table and bolster is extremely good even under an eccentric load, allowing accurate operation.
3.Hight-quality steel is used both in the cylinder and rum. This machinecan endure a long-term use with much less packing wear and oil leaks, sine the ram is polished after induction hardening or hard chrome plating..
4.With fail-safe equipment such as an automatic safety device, an automatic shutoff device at stroke upper and lower limits and an emergency stop push button equipped, anyone can use this machine.
5.The structure allows for simple operations. Operating switches are ready for any specification such as the push button type, manual lever type and foot switch type..

With a simple style and 3-directions openings, it is superior in accessibility and. workability and can be used for other applications. In most cases, small-and medium-sized machines of 10 tons to 200 tons are most suitable.